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Freedom Dog Field is a secure dog walking exercise field with a 6' foot high fence surrounding the entire field and Car Park for your safety and protection.
However, if your dog is able to jump high fences or dig under them the field will not be totally secure and we DO NOT take any responsibility for lost dogs. 


The field is by appointment only booked through the website and you have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field or car park to distract your dog from having fun. If anyone enters the field whilst you are using it please call me straight away at 07854 322268


Our field is rented out at £7 per 30-minute slot and includes one dog, any extra dogs are charged at £1.50 per dog


A maximum of 7 dogs will be allowed to use the field at any one time. Please do not encourage your dogs to bark as we respect our surrounding neighbours.


Please note that your allocated time slot also includes the unloading and loading of your dog so please keep this in mind when booking. 


If you do arrive early and see a car in the car park or somebody using the field please remain outside the gate. You must NOT enter the field if the previous customer is still in it. 
Do NOT wait on the road as this will cause problems for other vehicles using the entrance. There is an allocated waiting spot to the left of the gate for you to pull into where you can sit safely and wait for them to leave. Once the other car has vacated the field, they will close the gate behind them. If they stay past your start time and do not appear to be leaving, please call me on 07854 322268. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that the gate has locked behind you.


If anybody comes through the gate while you are using the field please call me immediately as people need to wait outside


On leaving the field you will need to re-enter the code to open the gate, please always close the inner gates and the outer gate, even if somebody is waiting to come in. I ask everybody to do this to ensure everyone has a code.



All users MUST clean up their dog's poo and dispose of it correctly in one of the three allocated bins around the field. There are plenty of poo bags supplied around the field and by every bin. 
We know sometimes this can be missed so if you find any other dog waste whilst you are using the field please bag it and bin it so we can keep the field clean and avoid any unpleasant accidents.
Only dog waste can be disposed of in the bins provided NO LITTER.
Any litter must be taken home with you as we do not supply any litter bins so as not to encourage any unwanted wildlife to the field.


All dog toys must be taken away with you even if your dog has chewed and ripped them you must pick up all pieces so as not to cause harm to any other dogs using the field. 



If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice before your booking we can refund/credit your account and re-open the slot. If you contact us with less than 48hrs hours to go, we cannot guarantee your session will be refunded, as we may not be able to fill the slot.

(If we do have to close at any point, due to bad weather refunds will be given in the form of credits on your accounts with a flexible expiry date. Unless you ask for a monetary refund, due to the charges we incur on our payment system)

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