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Freedom Dog Field

Secure Dog Walking Field


We are open
7 days a week


XL Bullies are welcome to be exercised in this field.

Freedom Dog Field is an Exclusive enclosed field just five minutes walking distance from the Honiton Police station. Secured by a 6ft high fence all the way around so you can let your dogs run free without the worry of them running off and getting hurt.

The field is here to help dog owners who need to have space for themselves and their dogs to run and play. Without anyone or anything around to distract you or your dog to make you feel uncomfortable.

It is an ideal place for nervous and anxious dogs. 
Dogs who need help with recall off the lead, 
Dogs recovering from surgery.
Dog walkers and trainers.
Full-time and shift workers.
Dogs who don’t play well with others.
Guide dogs and disabled dogs who need playtime.
Dogs who have to wear a muzzle.
Lone walkers can feel safe.
Bitches on heat.

It is for your sole use, so enjoy and have fun.

From just £7 for  half hour session.

Any problems at all please feel free to contact me.



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A373 Opposite Tracey Mill

5-minute walk from Lace Walk Shopping Centre

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